This month, we have celebrated nature, and the incredible blessings of her bounty, in a big way. But we’ve also had to confront the harsh truths behind misleading product labels and skincare myths that arise from marketing gimmicks and a lack of understanding. 


So can we trust the ingredients that are used in our “natural” skincare products? According to Vox, companies can label a product “clean “or “natural” to define that term in ways they wish to, in order to attract consumers.  


Take for example, Coconut oil the trusted ingredient in all our “natural” products. Does the processing that is unnatural count?  


While we wait for big corporations and regulators to get their act together, why not turn to purely natural ingredients that give us assurance right off the bat, that we aren’t inadvertently exposing ourselves to nasty chemicals and additives?


In our wrap for the month, we’re leaving you with one of our all-time favourite, entirely natural, recipes for an oatmeal and honey scrub that will pamper your skin without damaging it.


Read on to find out how we do it, or watch the video to see how it’s done.


Go ahead, pamper yourself with the bounty of nature.


Oatmeal and Honey Scrub


Mix some blended fine oats with a bit of Four Cow Farm Castile soap (another favorite! I use it to wash my fruit and vegetables too). Apply it on your skin and massage it well. This is an awesome daily scrub that leaves your skin feeling as smooth as silk. Half a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of this blended oats and voila! You have an edible face mask! High in antioxidants (reverse aging) while having antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, this combo not only cleanses your pores and gets rid of black heads, it also absorbs oil from the skin’s surface which helps with acne and dry itchy skin. While at it, the other benefits include adding a natural glow and hydrating our skin (natural humectant).  


Need I say more?  

Try it out.