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Monthly Archives: June 2021

  1. Men's Skincare Myths - Debunked

    You might have the impression that here at Laani, we have a very feminine vibe, and to a large extent, you’d be right. But we do have one awesome man among us, and for a small team, that’s a full ¼ of our workforce. And the other 75% of us have fathers, brothers, sons, and husbands too! Which means that while talking about Father’s Day and how to pay tribute to the wonderful men in our lives, we came upon many examples of the way men treat their skin differently than women. Recognising that there are some real differences between the skincare needs of men and women, though, we also realised that many of the men in our lives don’t pay nearly enough attention to their skincare regime. So, for this Father’s Day, we thought we would debunk some of the myths surrounding men’s skincare, and encourage men to treat their skin with the love it deserves.
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  2. With Every Season, Change

    Post by : Jane Tor

    This month as we celebrate nature - a beautifully vulnerable guest post from our friend Jane Tor about the lessons she has learned from Nature's wisdom and the turning of the seasons. "We won't feel heartbroken forever. But we can't rush through winter" - Jane Tor
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  3. Why We Love All Things Natural

    Post by : Laani

    Instead of reaching for nasty chemicals, we here at Laani prefer the gifts that nature has given us to help us with everything from sunburn to migraine. Read on to find out what three items are topping our list this month (but ONLY this month... with nature's incredible bounty, it's impossible to pick a favourite!)
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