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baby kits

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Baby Kits

Four Cow Farm Premium baby gifts/Starter Set

Shop for Baby Kits online at best prices in Singapore. Choose from a wide range of Baby Kits at A complete set of all our baby products all in one neat package. If you're new to our range this is a great bundle to try our products at a wonderful price. This set contains the entire four cow farm calendula Baby Range – great as a first step towards getting to know our products, a practical size for traveling, or as the perfect baby gifts to parents who only want the best for their baby. This set qualifies for FREE delivery too!

Baby skin needs a lot more moisture and protection from the sun, those pesky mosquitoes, and the sand and dirt from being in the great outdoors for longer. Our Baby kits Skin collection contains all our favorite products for cleansing, caring and keeping skin healthy all through our hot, dry and increasingly long comfortable and your baby is happy.

Keep safe and skin-soothed with our essential baby kits skin collection. You take a wonderful selection of our staple baby skincare products in one perfect package at a great price. The perfect baby gifts for parents who want only the best natural skincare for their baby, a great way to get introduced to our favorite products. All items come packed in our special Baby Kits section which is recyclable and sturdy.

The laani Baby Kits contains:

You will appreciate our baby kits including

1 x 100% Natural Baby Lotion
1 x Four Cow Farm Small Gift/Starter Set
1 x Baby Wash 485ml / 16.39 fl.oz - Twin pack
1 x Baby Wash 250ml
1 x Baby Lotion 250ml
1 x Nappy Cream 125ml
1 x Baby Oil 125ml
1 x Tea Tree Remedy 50gm
1 x Calendula Remedy 50gm

Enjoy your stay without thinking of all your baby stuff from our baby kits

this baby kits set contains 100% natural and organic baby skincare. Made with the finest natural ingredients, this skincare range is gentle and soothing on baby skin and convenient to pack along.