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About Us

We believe that all of us deserve to be correctly and accurately informed about the product choices that we make and the products that we buy every day.

When we consume a product, we’ve become responsible for the effects that it will have on our body, appearance or behaviour.

When we choose to buy a product, we also become responsible for the environment and manufacturing practices under which it was produced. By consuming a product, we indirectly endorse the conditions in which it was made.

We believe that as a consumer, you have a big say in deciding and accepting the type of products that defines your lifestyle and the way you live.

And we want to empower you to be able to have your say.

We do it by meticulously sourcing for and representing only product brands that share our commitment to being truthful and transparent about what their goods are made of and how they are made.

We take great pride and immense satisfaction in being able to share these awesome products with a wider consumer audience, and consumers like you and I enjoy superior quality products that enrich our lifestyles and help make the world a better place.